Xi’an Lijun Mall

Xi'an, China
625,290 sq m

Located on the Fenghao Boulevard, city’s major east-west commercial thoroughfare, the project is planned to be the city’s future sub-commercial node, as well as its new fashion center.

A holistic design approach was adopted during the project initial planning phase, to ensure that the first and second development phase can be well-integrated in terms of function and aesthetic. At the same time, a thorough analysis was conducted on the site in order to maximize its commercial value.

As China’s ancient capital for six different dynasties, Xi’an is a city lacking in vibe. The project introduced the concept of interior landscape, a new element to the existing cityscape, so that a sustainable and livable environment will always be displayed on-site. Sancai is a great symbol to represent for the Tang dynasty, an era noted for its vitality and colorfulness, it is also an ideal reference for the choice of architectural color. The built project will become an exciting icon for the city of Xi’an.