Hangzhou Wonder Mall

Hangzhou, China
631,806 sqm

Located in Gongshu District, Hangzhou, the project site is only 6.5 km from downtown and 9.5 km from the world famous West Lake, among a decommissioned thermal power station.

With respect to the autonomy and authenticity of the existing structures, the development integrates the culturally conscious preservation with a commitment to high level solutions to embody creative tension, cultural continuity and sustainability.

Gongshu District is the starting point of the historical Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Inspired by the canal, the figure 8-shaped waterway throughout the project connects the entire complex. With local features of bridges and boats in the Jiangnan area, the project will reproduce the prosperity of the canal city views of the past.

Visitors can enjoy a cruise along the canal, and to admire the beauty and uniqueness of Wonder Mall. On top of the canal, the skyscreen creates a constantly varying appearance, reflecting the inner dynamism of the shopping complex.