Nonchi Wang (1958-2015)

Founder, Design Director

Since his graduation from the Yale University School of Architecture in 1987, Mr. Wang has dedicated his professional life in the United States to the design and planning of complex institutional and commercial projects. He launched his own practice in 1992, establishing amphibianArc. Design excellence and high quality service to the clients have been the defining elements of Mr. Wang’s practice. Mr. Wang has won national and international recognition through numerous design awards and publications. While creative in nature, Mr. Wang is predisposed to theoretical thinking. This early tendency and ensuing education at Yale has provided him with a rigorous philosophical underpinning for his design works. His ongoing theoretical-philosophical thinking and investigation has been a visible twin to his most influential design works. His design theory matrix includes liquid architecture, ideographic (Chinese word-making) methodology, 3D calligraphy and evolutionary computational design. Due to Mr. Wang’s Chinese cultural heritage, besides absorbing western science and metaphysics – the underlying framework of Liquid Architecture, he naturally adopted the methodology of Chinese word making, creating ideographic formal repertoires to institute narrativity into architecture. The narrative property in Mr. Wang’s design is the main strength and uniqueness of his architecture.

Master of Environmental Design
Yale University
New Haven, CT

Bachelor of Architecture
Tunghai University Taichung