Tidfore Tianjin Exhibition and Trading Center Conceptual Design – Scheme Ⅱ

Tianjin, China
620,000 sqm

The design has a core concept of “cloud”, showing avant-garde architectural form and language. It also indicates the company’s future positioning. The architecture resembles floating clouds, the idea behind which is the Cloud Space concept of the virtual digital age.

The concept of “cloud” is consistent with the company’s future positioning strategy. Tidfore intends to transform from a traditional heavy machinery manufacturer into a global service company that combines products, industrial service, exhibition, finance, insurance, trade, etc. In the scheme, all buildings are based on one unified platform, which implies the resource-integrated service platform.

The biggest highlight would be the use of sustainable architecture concept. Considering the monsoon in the area and the sea breeze, the design incorporates inlet scoops at the upper parts of high-rise buildings and six wind turbine generators to generate power for the buildings and save energy. Since the city of Tianjin has longer hours of sunshine throughout the year, the design takes advantage to make full use of the solar energy, by integrating solar panels with the roof and the glass curtain walls on higher levels. Together with a series of other techniques, the team dedicates to build a low-carbon sustainable building.

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