Tidfore Tianjin Exhibition and Trading Center Conceptual Design – Scheme Ⅰ

Tianjin, China
620,000 sqm

Based on the deep understanding of the corporate culture and the product meanings, the design centers around the theme of "virtual machine" The unique façade is utilized as a metaphor to indicate the corporation’s transformation in the new era.

The design draws inspirations from the corporate image. While the applied architectural language is derived from their products, building large-scale mechanical forms. The bridges and corridors connecting the buildings resemble the connectors of machinery. The design is mainly based on straight lines, which adds to a rich industrial sense and masculinity. With a steady metallic tone, the buildings tend to remind people of heavy machinery.

The tower façade’s architectural language begins with long solid strips and then gradually blurs into thin pieces. This metaphor indicates that the company is facing a major historic transformation: shift from heavy machinery industry to digital virtual services. This kind of architectural language provides a perfect interpretation for both the design and the corporate brand meaning.

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