Structure of Gothic Architecture Passage way in intermediate pier buttress of Bourges Cathedral nave. Replaced stone along the exterior of buttresses at openings confirmed the predictions of local tensile stress from the model analysis.
Experiments in Gothic Structure Experiments in Gothic Structure: Details of Bourges Cathedral choir model. Photoelastic interference pattern is produced by simulated dead-weight loading.
Space Station Space Station: Man’s primitive attempt for space existence.
Carina Nebula Galaxy Carina Nebula galaxy, image by Hubble telescope.
Hyperdimensional Space Hyper Dimension space: mathematically speaking, dimension means freedom. One dimension means one degree of freedom, such as moving along a line; two dimension two degrees of freedom, such as moving on a plane, etc. you can’t tie a knot in two dimensional spaces but you can do so in three dimensional spaces because of the extra degree of freedom. By gaining extra degrees of freedom, scientist is able to unify in hyper-dimensional space physical phenomena that are unrelated in lower dimensional space.
Clockwork Clockwork that symbolizes the predictability and three-dimensionality of Newtonian cosmology.