Caesariano’s Vitruvian Man Caesariano’s Vitruvian Figure: Vitruvian human figure demonstrates the anthropocentric approach in Greek architecture. The perfect circle and sphere around the human figure are employed to provide a proof of the proportional perfection of human body. The use of such proof in turn, suggests the dominating power of Euclidean geometry in Greek architecture.
Chinese Typographic FontsDifferent typographic fonts of Chinese calligraphy. Different typographic fonts of Chinese calligraphy.
Persistence of Memory The Persistence of Memory: Salvador Dali’s droopy clocks in The Persistence of Memory (1931) suggest the often peculiar kinship of time to space= a relation, some scientists contend, made up of 11 dimensions.
Curved Space

The curved space: according to Einstein’s General Theory of relativity, light beam will bend under the influence of gravity while passing by a celestial body. Based on “Fermat’s least-time principle” light beam will take the path requiring the least amount of time between two points. The fact that the light beam curves the presence of celestial body, then, logically suggests the shortest distance between two points could be a curved line. The only explanation of a curved line being the shortest path between two points is that the space itself is curved under gravitational pull of the celestial body.

Space Warp

Warping curtain wall due to the mass around it.

La Yang Pian La Yang Pian (pulling film strip): an early viewing devise of motion pictures.
Origin: A Provocative Depiction of Human Evolution Daniel Lee is not an expert in evolutionary theory, but he’s got ideas about where we came from. He doesn’t try to pass them off as scientific truth; instead he makes his ideas into anything-but-primitive digital images intended as provocative art. His series titled “Origin” depicts human evolution in 12 pictures, from the fish form (as Coelacanth) eventually transforming to reptiles, apes and humans.
Quantum Particles

The deformed spheres, which contain digital planetarium, 4-D theater and I-Werk theater, signify fundamental particles in Quantum Mechanics.

Super String

Using curvy tubular strings, as here rendered by artist, to create functional spatial elements that contain digital planetarium, 4-D theater and I-Werk theater.

Boullee’s Cenotaph

Boullee’s Cenotaph for Isaac Newton (1784) is an architectural embodiment of Newtonian cosmology written with primary forms of Euclidean geometry.

Chinese Word Making Words are made of single or multiple ideograms. The meanings of words are derivatives of the meanings of the ideograms, of which they are made.

The Sun

The Sun

 The Rain

The Rain

 Combination: Change

Combination: Change
Applying Chinese word-making methods in design to develop the narrative capability of architecture for the purpose of expressing the core ideas pertaining to the essence of the project program. Hieroglyphics, or ideograms, are created out of building components; the placement and interactions among the components will give rise to interpretative reading and, eventually, knowledge of the chosen subject-idea, such as the state of contemporary cosmology.