unMade in China Exhibition

Shanghai, China
April 2012

amphibianArc’s Shen Guo Tou Plaza Renovation was featured in “unMade in China: Undone Architecture in P.R.C.“, an exhibition curated by Cannon Design. The exhibition invited 12 architectural firms to show their unbuilt or abandoned Chinese projects as a celebration of those almost-spectacular, missing projects from the last decade.

The Shen Guo Tou Plaza Renovation design employs a formal strategy that draws inspiration from large scale public art installations by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. By interjecting a large scale art installation to the existing plaza, the design introduces a novel and pleasing sculpture to the city and at the same time solves practical problems by making the sculpture a shading device for the shoppers. The tree structures with organic looking curvilinear branches are the main visual and structural components of the scheme. It is then covered by tensile membrane to provide protection for pedestrians from sun and rain.

The exhibition was held at the ide@s Gallery in Shanghai from April 20 to June 20, 2012.

unMade-in-China_1 unMade-in-China_2 unMade-in-China_3 unMade-in-China_4 unMade-in-China_6 unMade-in-China_5 unMade-in-China_7 unMade-in-China_8